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This 21-day program is from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on M-W-F each week and will last approximately 7 weeks.


7 sessions are conducted IN PERSON  for skill training and testing, and the remaining 14 sessions are lectures which will be done LIVE and online through the GoToTraining platform. (Not recorded lectures). All IN PERSON sessions are conducted at our Hawthorne campus located at the McCormick Ambulance Station. Address is 13933 Crenshaw Blvd. in Hawthorne CA 90250.

The Principle Instructor is Mike Wilson, a former Paramedic with over 40 years of field and classroom experience. 

For large classes we may divide the class into two “Groups.” Lectures for both Groups  are conducted at the same time online and are always on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8am until 3pm. However, if we have large classes, Skill days may be conducted on two different days. Group “A” skill days will fall on a Monday, Wednesday, or a Friday. Group “B” skill days will fall on either on a Tuesday or a Thursday.


Note: With normal sized classes we will only have Group A.  The Group B option is for our larger classes in the spring and early summer and is used as "overflow" if the class is too large to do skill training on the same day for all the students. For these to classes you will be notified on the first day of class if you will be combined with Group A. You must attend ALL sessions scheduled for your group. 

Tuition: $1110.00

Book: $90.00

Total Price: $1200.00

Start and Completion Dates for Accelerated EMT Course MWF 

The cost for these Accelerated courses is $1,200.00


JANUARY 15, 2024 - MARCH 01, 2024

01/15/2024 (Start Date)

03/01/2024 (Completion Date)

MARCH 11, 2024 - APRIL 26, 2024

03/11/2024 (Start Date)

04/26/2024 (Completion Date)

MAY 06, 2024 - JUNE 21, 2024

05/06/2024 (Start Date)

06/21/2024 (Completion Date)

JULY 01, 2024 - AUGUST 16, 2024

07/01/2024 (Start Date)

08/16/2024 (Completion Date)

AUGUST 26, 2024 - OCTOBER 11, 2024

08/26/2024 (Start Date)

10/11/2024 (Completion Date)

OCTOBER 21, 2024 - DECEMBER 09, 2024

10/21/2024 (Start Date)

12/09/2024 (Completion Date)


MAY 07, 2024 - JUNE 20, 2024

05/07/2024 (Start Date)

06/20/2024 (Completion Date)

JULY 02, 2024 - AUGUST 15, 2024

07/02/2024 (Start Date)

08/15/2024 (Completion Date)

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