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Emergency Medical Service

EMT Education And Training is a unique vocational school dedicated to providing high quality, fast paced, and fun training for people that wish to become certified or re-certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. Our industry serves the community by responding to and helping people having medical and traumatic emergencies. The thousands of Emergency Medical Technicians we have trained save the lives of, and provide improved outcomes for thousands of people each year by applying the training they received through our EMT Training programs.

To provide the best care, EMT’s must receive the best training. Our instructors are carefully trained by us to ensure that all training is objective, fair, and relevant. Our model is reminiscent of a coach and athlete where we “push” the students to help them learn to achieve their best through hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. The result is that our graduates are well respected in the industry and the patients they serve receive quality care.

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