Great job today MWF class

Great job today MWF class. Class average on Intro Quiz was excellent. Make sure to study for Patient Assessment lecture on Monday and print out “Patient Assessment” skill sheet from main campus website. Monday’s lecture is Pt. Assessment and the quiz will be on Human Body. Have a great weekend and study up. See you Monday.


Fantastic job MWF Class

Fantastic job on the Final Written today to the MWF class. Everyone passed the written!!! That’s the result of your hard work, my compliments! Keep up the same work ethic and you will perform well on the Practical Final. See you Friday!!!


Congratulations T-Thurs-Sat class

Congratulations T-Thurs-Sat class, you guys finished well. Now you just need to go pass the nremt exam. You are more than prepared. Manage your stress and “follow your script.” Can’t wait to hear how it goes. All the best to you guys.